Stage Safety

Keeping everyone safe is a high priority for event organisers. However, there is plenty that you can do yourself to make sure that you stay safe and have an enjoyable event.

REMEMBER cars not only slide around corners, they throw up stones and rocks as they disappear into the distance. If you are in the firing line you can get hurt so stand where you are safe. Safety Cars (marked up as 000, 00 and 0) will come through the stages ahead of the competitors to make sure you are standing in a suitable place and also to keep you informed as to the progress of the rally. Be aware that if you, or others, are in an unsafe position, or continuing to ignore the Marshals instructions, the Safety Cars have the authority to delay the stage, and in an extreme situation, request its cancellation. We don’t want this any more than you do, so please observe the following:

PLEASE follow the instructions given by the Marshals; they are volunteers there for your safety and that of the competitors you have come to see. They are not there to spoil your enjoyment.

DO NOT walk on the stage once it is live, you are putting yourself and the competitors at risk.

CHILDREN MUST ALWAYS be accompanied by an adult. Remember that, if a car goes off you need to be able to move very quickly. Bear this in mind when you decide where to stand – it might be an ideal place for a picnic but not easy to move if an out – of – control car is heading towards you! It is our view that a Special Stage of a Rally is NOT an appropriate place for babies, or toddlers in push chairs.

ALWAYS use the designated spectator areas. Do not stand in prohibited areas, on log piles, escape roads or on the outside of corners.danger

PLEASE use the official car parks. Parking on roadside grass verges may result in a Parking Ticket being issued by the Police.

DO NOT take dogs into the forest with you. If one gets loose and runs in front of a car it could cause a serious accident. 

WE’RE RUNNING IN JUNE THIS YEAR. It’s Scotland, so the weather could be anything from blazing sunshine to pouring rain! Check weather forecasts before heading out and please dress accordingly with adequate clothing & footwear, suncream and hydration. Irrelevant of the weather, access to the forest may be rough.

prohib_02STAY ALERT some cars are quiet and it is easy for a car to appear when you are not expecting it. Although cars will start the stage at one minute intervals, in a long stage they may catch the car in front and you may find some cars running close together. An incident in a stage may cause a long delay giving the impression that the stage is finished, and when this has been cleared, cars will suddenly approach your position at competitive speeds.

DO NOT BLOCK ACCESS ROADS: Rescue and Emergency services with large heavy vehicles may require fast unimpeded access to, and exit from, the stage.

DO NOT light fires or BBQs. The forests can be very dry and even a discarded match can soon cause a major fire.

TAKE YOUR LITTER HOME. We all want to come back again next year.

AND FINALLY, on your way home, don’t copy the rally drivers in the forest. Drive safely and within the law.