Welcome to 2018!

We are happy to have our new look website back on line as we prepare for the 2018 RSAC Motorsport Ltd. Scottish Rally. We are excited to be back in Dumfries and Galloway for the event and are delighted to be working in partnership once again with Dumfries and Galloway Council.

We had hoped to be able to relaunch the website with some route information however, if you have been keeping up with the news from the South of Scotland, you will be aware that Ae forest is suffering from a fungal infection in the trees (BBC news Website). This means that the forest is out of action for use as a rally stage and has necessitated a rethink from the event organisers with regards to route.

We have a few options available to us and we are currently reviewing the best route to fit with some of the other innovations and town centre venues that we are considering.


We will of course, keep you updated via the website, our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

See you in Dumfries on the 19th of May.


More information on stopping the spread of tree diseases can be found here.

[Picture ©2017 Eddie Kelly Motorsport Photography. Used with permission]