We are aware of the possibility of entries being over-subscribed, and with this in mind competitors will have a 48-hour ‘window’ to submit and pay for their entries online after the opening date.  If more than the maximum number of entries is received during this time, entries will be selected on a random basis, with a guaranteed percentage being allocated to each major championship.  Please make sure that your entry is submitted and paid for within the timeframe outlined in the Regulations to give yourself the best possible chance of a start.

Article 8      Entries
8.1       The Entry List opens at 18:00 hours on 13 June 2021 and closes at 18.00 hours on Tuesday 13 July 2021.  Entries received after this date may be accepted at the organisers' discretion and may be appropriately accommodated in the running order but may be omitted from Press Releases and the published Entry List.

8.8       All entries properly made and fully paid received in the 48 hours after entries are opened (i.e. by 18:00 hours on Tuesday 15 June 2021) will go into a pool and entries will be selected at random, subject to a guaranteed minimum number of entries being allocated as follows:

  • Drivers registered in the KNC Groundworks Motorsport UK Scottish Rally Championship before Monday 7 June 2021: 54 entries
  • Drivers registered in the MRF Tyres BTRDA® Rally Series and the MRF Mixed Surface Challenge: 54 entries
  • Drivers who are members of the Armed Forces Rally Team: 6 entries
  • Other drivers: 6 entries

Should the maximum number of entries not have been allocated using the process defined above, entries will be allocated at the discretion of the Organisers in accordance with Motorsport UK Regulations D14.1.1 and 15.1.


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